Premium whiskies bearing The Classic Cask label are amongst the most rare and unique spirits ever to be offered to the discerning enthusiast. Their unparalleled quality, richness, intensity of flavor, and remarkable smoothness are testament to the slow and painstaking processes, which were employed in their production. The Classic Cask single cask production is just that: never more than 700 bottles to a barrel. Each bottle is numbered, its label indicating the total production output, as well as distillation and bottling dates.

  • Limited Production

    From our small batch blends to our limited release single malts, all of the Classic Cask's whiskies age in rare, single casks–selected as a result of a competitive process. These small batch offerings are exceptionally rare and once they sell out, they are gone forever.

  • Non-Chill Filtered

    We never filter our whisky for the sake of cosmetics. Instead, we leave the whisky in its original form, including any cloudiness from esters, proteins and acids produced in the firing fermentation and maturation process. We value our Classic Cask whiskies' purity–and it shows.

  • Unparalleled Quality

    The Classic Cask takes great pride in the caliber of its whiskies. Every offering is rigorously tested, tasted, and examined to ensure that each whisky not only meets the highest standards, but also represents the Classic Cask brand’s reputation for unmatched and unparalleled quality.

  • Award Winning

    Our whiskies have received top accolades from coveted industry publications and spirit competitions. We’re especially proud of our 40 Year Old Rare Scotch blend–a whisky that has been rated a 98 from Wine Enthusiast and ‘Double Gold’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


The finest barley is cultivated to maximize quality and consistency.
The barley is first steeped in water and then spread out on malting floors to germinate. The barley must be turned over regularly to prevent the buildup of heat. After the barley grain has opened, the germination process is interrupted by spreading the still wet barley on grids in the kiln and drying it with hot air from below.
The dried malt is ground into a coarse flour or grist, which is mixed with hot water in the mash tun. This is run through three passes of hot water, helping to convert the starches into sugar. After mashing, the sweet sugary liquid is known as wort.
The wort is cooled and placed into washbacks where fermentation begins. Yeast is added and the mixture is allowed time to ferment the sugars into alcohol. After about 2 days, the fermentation dies down and creates the wash, which contains 6-8% alcohol by volume.
The wash is heated enough to boil off the alcohol, creating a vapor, which is collected and cooled back to liquid. This is the essence of our single malt. This process is repeated (sometimes as many as three times) to further purify and refine the wash into spirit.
The newly distilled, colorless, fiery spirit is filled into oak casks which may have previously contained Scotch whisky, bourbon or sherry, and the maturation process begins.
Once the cask has matured to perfection, the whisky is then set out for bottling.
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