The Classic Cask 23 Year Old Collection


Since 1999, Classic Cask, Rare Scotch Whisky expressions have provided discerning enthusiasts, particularly fine blended Scotch whiskies, of superb quality. These highly rated whiskies included our original small batch 35 year old, followed by the 98 point rated Classic Cask 40 year old.

We are very pleased indeed to now offer The Classic Cask, Rare Scotch Whisky 23 Year Old Selection. This selection includes four delightful expressions:

The Classic Cask 23 Year Old Selection

The Classic Cask 23 Year Old Selection began with the acquisition of superlative casks of single casks of single malt Scotch whiskies from Speyside, the Highlands and Island distilleries and premium aged grain whiskies. All were selected by distinguished Master Blender, David Hallgarten of the Glenaden Distilling Company, and matured in their original casks for a minimum of 23 years. The whiskies were judiciously blended and then married in vats for 6 months. The blend was returned to casks for additional maturation and finishing.

Original Cask – Mid amber in color, this bold whisky was aged in first fill Bourbon barrels for its entire 23 years of aging. The nose is honey and vanilla, with fruity, citrus and toffee notes on the palate and an unusually smooth finish.

Caribbean Rum Finish – After 23 years of aging the whisky were then placed into former Caribbean Rum casks that once held Solera aged rums, for a 6 months. During that period, it picked up the distinctive rum features which added a new dimension to this thoroughly engaging whisky.

Oloroso Sherry Finish – Upon the age of 23 years, the original whisky was further aged for an additional 6 months in first fill Oloroso Sherry butts. Antique mahogany in color the Oloroso finished bottlings have a fresh sweet bouquet, that exhibit pears and nutty aromas. Butterscotch and walnut are prominent on the palate followed by an extraordinarily smooth finish.

Port Finish – Finished for 6 months in a first fill Port pipe, this Classic Cask 23 Year Old expression has distinctive red highlights. Its aroma is both fruity and oaky. The mouthfeel is enormous with raisins and fruitcake prominent on the palate. A long and magnificently rich finish add kudos to this luxurious expression.

All of The Classic Cask Blended Scotch Whiskies are:

  • Bottled in Scotland
  • 43% abv – 86 Proof
  • 6/750ml

*Sold individually for $154.99/each

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